EZ Equine Animal Bedding Is the Best Overall Value

While the initial cost of EZ Equine horse bedding may be slightly higher than shavings or straw, it will save you anywhere from 30% to 50% on your bedding cost in the long run. In addition, you can use the spent EZ equine pellets as valuable compost, which creates revenue.

If you make your pelletized bedding decision based on product cost alone, you will not get an accurate picture of what you’re spending. Many other factors besides initial dollar outlay should inform your choice. Consider:
  • The quality of the product is higher than other brands. Using EZ Equine pine bedding is like introducing thousands of tiny, absorbent sponges into your stalls. Each pellet can absorb almost four times its weight in liquid.
  • EZ Equine animal bedding is made from 100% biodegradable pine. It does not contain additives, binders or chemicals whatsoever and is pure, biodegradable softwood. No harmful bark or hardwoods are present, which creates a consistent, high quality product.
  • You add only one bag of pellets every 5-7 days and strip the stall every 3-4 months. Removal costs will be dramatically reduced.
  • Stall cleaning time will be cut in half due to the efficiency of the pellet bedding in mucking the stalls.
  • The used EZ Equine pellets and manure can be composted into a product with high market value to organic gardeners or for use on your ranch.
  • EZ Equine results in 40% less bedding waste than other methods because each pellet can absorb almost four times its weight in liquid.
  • Because it is available in easy-to-handle forty-pound bags, handling time and complications with removal are reduced with EZ Equine horse bedding.
  • EZ Equine stores outside easily in forty-pound plastic bags – there is no reason to use up precious under-cover storage.